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1_Ukrainian Hearts_Irina_Bogdanova.jpg

Oil painting "Ukrainian Hearts", 2022

* Painter: Irina Bogdanova

* Original Created: 2022
* Size: 31.5 W x 23.6 H in (80 W x 60 H cm)
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas
* Shipping: Canvas on a stretcher

The painting is located in London, in the gallery of the charity organization "UK for UKRAINE: SUPPORT THROUGH ART". You can buy it on this site:

1_Ukrainian Hearts_Irina_Bogdanova

About The Artwork:

One beautiful early morning, the girl was walking through the clearing, but suddenly there was a terrible roar and the earth opened up under her feet. The girl fell into a terrible dark abyss, painfully hammering her knees. It seemed impossible to get out, but the girl was brave and she did not cry or panic. She began to call for help, at the same time thinking how to get out of the abyss. Suddenly, the girl saw that many blue and yellow heart balloons were descending towards her - the girl collected them all. And suddenly, the balloons began to rise higher and higher, and carried the girl out of the abyss to a beautiful sunny meadow.

After the war, Ukrainians became true patriots, loving their homeland like never before. Everyone has united as never before - everyone is trying to contribute to the support of Ukraine. Uniting the hearts of Ukrainians and all those who love and support Ukraine will surely save it from death, from the abyss into which russia wants to drag us.

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