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Oil painting "Sweet treat", 2021


About The Artwork:

Once, when I was about 4 years old, I was left at home alone. I sat alone in my nursery and was bored. I really wanted someone to appear in this room now, well, at least SOMEONE, so as not to be alone! And suddenly I heard an agitated voice: “Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid of me! "
I answered: "And I'm not afraid! Show yourself!" (I was a fearless child). A shaggy head with beautiful bright blue eyes peeked out from behind the bed. "Aren't you afraid?", The shaggy creature clarified. "Nope!" that for some reason it asked me about my name, who are my parents and where I live (I knew all this, I was taught just in case I suddenly get lost). After that the creature said: "I have to go, I will leave.

"I really did not want to let him go, and I asked:" Will we see each other again? "
"Perhaps ..." my new friend replied thoughtfully. “When?” I asked with interest.
“When you’re an adult,” came the answer. Shaggy stretched out his palms, each of them had a red and blue candy: "Help yourself!"
And I took one of the sweets, unfolding it, I once again clarified: "Tell me, will I be an adult?" "Quite quite!" It sounded a receding echo. I looked around, the creature disappeared. Sighing, I ate the candy and fell asleep. Forgetting about this incident for a year. Exactly a year later, I remembered everything, began to tell everyone, but of course no one believed me, I myself do not know whether it was a dream or a vision ... All my life I was terribly afraid that I was already old enough and one day this creature would appear in front of me ... I was afraid until I drew it. Looking into those kind eyes, I do not understand what I was afraid of, he is not scary at all. In truth, you need to look your fear in the eye. And yet, sometimes, I think, maybe I chose the wrong candy ... or maybe I'm still sleeping, and my whole life is just a dream? ..

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