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Super Ukraine_2.jpg

Oilpanting "Super Ukraine", 2022

* Painter: Irina Bogdanova

* Original Created: 2022
* Size: 31.5 W x 23.6 H in (80 W x 60 H cm)
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas
* Shipping: Canvas on a stretcher

Super Ukraine_2

About The Artwork:
I woke up, like many Ukrainians, on February 24 at 5 am from the sound of explosions. First of all, I texted my sisters. Since then, it has been a ritual - every morning we write to our sisters and other relatives to make sure that everyone is alive. The first two days were shock and tears. Then adaptation began to come, although, of course, it is impossible to get used to the horrors of war ...
I started working on this picture when explosions were heard for almost a whole day, and rockets were flying over our house. It was impossible to think of anything else but war. I prayed, and continue to pray, that the soldiers of Ukraine would have enough strength and stamina to repel the attacks of the enemy. When I finished this picture, it was already much calmer - the Ukrainian soldiers gave a worthy rebuff. I am Russian-speaking, and probably never was a true patriot of my country, until February 24th. This war changed my mind. Now I am proud of my country, my president, and I am very proud of the Ukrainian army. Our warriors are real heroes, and I believe that they will have the strength and stamina to drive away all evil spirits from the Ukrainian land. Because Ukraine is a super-country with strong, proud and independent people. And everything will be fine with us. We will definitely win!
Glory to Ukraine!
The money from the sale of this painting will go to humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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