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Oil painting "Revival flower", 2022

* Painter: Irina Bogdanova

* Original Created: 2022
* Size: 31.5 W x 23.6 H in (80 W x 60 H cm)
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas
* Shipping: Canvas on a stretcher

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Revival flower

About The Artwork:
After the heart balloons carried the girl out of the abyss, they told her: “You know, we had beautiful cities, but the evil and greedy dwarf, who created the abyss in a beautiful meadow, destroyed many of them. We want to build new ones - you can help us?" The girl happily clasped her hands: "Of course! I really like to create something new and beautiful!" Then together they built many new beautiful cities on the bright flowers of the sun - sunflowers.

It is not for nothing that the main flower of Ukraine is the sunflower, because the language of plants is the main meaning of perseverance, love of life, optimism, faith in the future, positive mood, prosperity, luck and well-being! So everything will be fine for the cheerful sunny Ukrainians! Ruined cities will certainly be reborn and will be even more beautiful, shining in the rays of the sun to the joy of the world!

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