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Oil painting "Portrait of A. Kovalchuk" (Warrior on vacation), 2021

* Painter: Irina Bogdanova

* Original Created: 2021
* Size: 23.6 W x 31.5 H in (60 W x 80 H cm)
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas

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About The Artwork:

I was ordered a portrait for the 70th anniversary. They provided a favorite lost photo, of which only a crumpled black-and-white printout, worn and moiré, remained. The face was difficult to see, so I asked for another photo of this same period of life (in the photo the gentleman was 60 years old). In the picture, I left a cloak and a hat (there is a real bench-monument), in them the birthday man sees a special meaning - the discarded armor of a warrior on vacation. Of course, Alexey Vasilyevich is not a warrior at all, but the technical director of the KievExpoPlaza exhibition center, but in fact we all wage our invisible war every day on our way, and we are all warriors of our destiny.

On my own behalf, I added an autumn golden background, as a symbol of the golden time of life. And she added a river - a symbol of the flow of time.

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