Oil painting "Christmas dream", 2021

* Painter: Irina Bogdanova

* Original Created: 2021
* Size: 19.7 W x 23.6 H in (60 W x 50 H cm)
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas




About The Artwork:

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, dressing up a Christmas tree, hanging garlands, every time a presentiment of a miracle, a fairy tale is born in the soul. This wonderful feeling comes from childhood, when any fairy tale could come to life in fantasy ...


... Little Charlotte loved the Christmas holidays, when she dressed up the Christmas tree with shiny toys and flickering garlands, bringing the feeling of a fairy tale and miracle. The girl could spend hours looking at shiny toys, imagining that she could someday become smaller than a very tiny one, in order to swing on Christmas tree decorations, like on a swing and jump from one fluffy branch to another, it seemed that she was about to shrink and find herself in this Christmas fabulous the world. But my mother came and said that the child's time was over, it was time to sleep. Charlotte's love for an elegant Christmas tree was completely shared by the fluffy Burmese cat Katie - she loved to pensively consider the elegant beauty, as if she knew some secret about her. One Christmas evening, when Charlotte was already asleep, Katy the cat ran into her room. Jumping onto the girl's bed, she mewed softly. "Cathy, what do you want?" asked Charlotte when she woke up. The cat jumped off the bed and ran to the door, looked back and again quietly said: "Meow!" as if she was calling the girl after her. The girl got off the bed and followed the cat. The cat led her into the hall, where a beautiful Christmas tree twinkled in the stillness of the night. "Katie, we can't be here, I should be asleep already, where are you going?" Charlotte tried to catch the wretch walking around the Christmas tree behind her. Suddenly the girl stumbled and, falling, closed her eyes tightly, fearing that she would drop the elegant Christmas tree. When the girl opened her eyes, she found herself lying, swaying up and down on the green branch of the Christmas tree. And the mischievous Katie sways not far away astride a toy deer. The cat turned to the girl and meowed something, and suddenly Charlotte found that she was hearing not meowing, but words. "Well? What are you waiting for? You so wanted to become small and swing on toys like on a swing? Meow?". Charlotte got up and jumped onto the nearest ball. Then they cheerfully swayed on toys, jumped from branch to branch chasing each other - they had a lot of fun - the girl and the cat. Then, when they sat down to rest a little tired, the cat said to Charlotte: “Do you want me to tell you one big secret? Only you have to keep it. Will you save it? " The girl replied: “Yes, of course I will! What is this secret? " The cat, nodding, continued: “You see these flickering bulbs - these are not just bulbs, if you follow them with a pure heart, you can find a path leading to another world, where an eternal holiday and many miracles reign. All cats know about this path, but not everyone succeeds in finding it. Sometimes, cats drop Christmas trees - this is because they are not yet experienced and are not choosing the right time to shrink and find her. " Charlotte asked: "Will you show me this path and take it with you to this fabulous world?" Katie nodded. They got up and followed the line of glowing bulbs. The light from the lights grew brighter with every step, and suddenly the lights turned into a solid shining path. Charlotte and the cat were walking along the path, and suddenly a huge shining ball appeared behind the next bend of the tree. The cat deftly jumped to the ball and went inside it, the girl stepped after her...

... Charlotte woke up when the sun's rays were already flooding her nursery with their light, Katie purred next to her curled up in a ball ...


By the way, the girl in the picture is Charlotte of Cambridge. It happened by accident: I just found on the Internet a suitable reference of a pretty girl with a mischievous smile. When I had already started work on the painting, I tried to find the same photograph, but of a better quality, and came across an article about the royal family ... I think the little princess is perfect for the fabulous atmosphere of my picture, as well as the fabulous atmosphere is very suitable for her ...