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Irina Bogdanova is a famous artist from Ukraine.


I was born in a small but beautiful and cozy city of Poltava. In 2003 she moved to live in Kyiv. 2002-2021 - worked in the field of advertising. In recent years, she worked as an art director in an advertising agency. Since 2020, she began to paint oil paintings. Now he draws pictures every day and considers this the main meaning and main love of his life. During her artistic career, she managed to take part in 10 art exhibitions in Ukraine, Spain and England. Received first place in the international competition Golden Time Talent GRAND FINAL ART 2 London, England, UK.


Irina creates fabulous and fantastic stories in a realistic style. All the artist's paintings are bright and carry positive energy, giving a good mood and warming the heart. Each picture with a fairy tale or fantasy plot has its own story and its own life, which you can read like a story. Irina loves to invent stories for her paintings and sometimes it is difficult to understand what comes first - an image or a story. At the same time, all fantastic plots are a reflection of real life in the seething stream of the river of imagination.

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