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Oil painting "Between heaven and earth", 2022


* Painter: Irina Bogdanova

* Original Created: 2022

* Size: 47,2 W x 39,4 H in (120 W x 100 H cm)

* Original handmade oil painting on canvas

* Shipping: Canvas on a stretcher

Stores where you can buy:

sky and erst_sm

About The Artwork:

Love is always there, was and always will be. Even during the darkest events, there is a place for love. This picture is about love between two different worlds. He is an earthly creature, growing out of the earth, firmly holding on to the earth with his roots - he is a part of the earth, without which he will probably perish. She is sublime and creative, heavenly - she is firmly attached to the sky and freedom - she cannot live without air and space. But they love each other. He holds her tightly in his arms, preventing her from flying far from the ground. And she makes him grow above the earth, makes him strive upward to be closer to her, closer to the sky and the stars. And so their love lives between heaven and earth. And who said opposites can't be together?

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