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Honey for the moon_Bogdanova.jpg

Oil painting "Honey for the moon", 2022

* Painter: Irina Bogdanova

* Original Created: 2022

* Size: 39 W x 39 H in (100 W x 100 H cm)
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas

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Honey for the moon_Bogdanova

About The Artwork:

One night, the girl Mira could not sleep. Suddenly she heard someone coughing. Mira looked at the sky and saw that the full moon was coughing. "Poor moon, you are sick! You need to be treated, you need to eat honey!" - said Mira. "Girl, I'm in heaven, I don't have any honey," answered the moon after clearing his throat. "I have honey! Only I don't know how to get to you." - said the girl. "Thank you good girl, I will lower the moon stairs to you and you can reach me." - answered the moon, and a lunar path from the steps descended from it to Mira. Mira took out a jar of honey from the kitchen cupboard and found the biggest spoon in the house and began to climb the steps to the moon. When the moon tasted the honey, he immediately felt better and his mood improved and he shone even brighter. Since then, the moon and the girl have become good friends, and from time to time Mira visits the moon on the moon stairs when she cannot sleep, and the moon tells her good tales.

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