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magic umbrella_last2.jpg

Oil painting "Magic umbrella", 2022

magic umbrella_last2

About The Artwork:

Magic umbrella on a wonderful sunny day, the girl was walking with her duckling friends. Suddenly, the wind picked up and the sky was covered with black clouds. It started to rain. The girl said to the ducklings: "My friends, let's run faster! We need to hide from the rain!" But the ducklings had their own secret - they were not afraid of the rain because they had magical umbrellas, they decided to give one to the girl because they were true friends. One duckling took out a tiny umbrella from under its wing and handed it to the girl: "Don't be afraid! Hold on! We give you this umbrella!” The girl was surprised, but thought: "But he is very small and will not protect us all from the downpour." But the girl did not want to offend her friends, so she took an umbrella. When the girl opened the umbrella, it suddenly began to grow and covered all her friends under her. Under the umbrella was a blue sky and the sun was shining. "You see," said one of the ducklings: "now you are not afraid of the rain, as we are. Now good weather and clear skies will always be with you!"

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