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Bogdanova_Irina_Duel with a shadow_smol.jpg

Oil painting "Duel with the shadow", 2022

* Painter: Irina Bogdanova

* Original Created: 2022

* Size: 39 W x 39 H in (100 W x 100 H cm)
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas


Stores where you can buy a painting:

Bogdanova_Irina_Duel with a shadow_smol

About The Artwork:

I dreamed that I was walking along a winding endless corridor clutching a sword in my hand. Torches on one of the walls illuminated the space, casting my shadow on the opposite wall. And suddenly I noticed something unusual in my shadow. She became larger, acquiring the outlines of a male figure. Suddenly, a blond-haired man stepped out of the shadows. Strongly built, with a slightly rigid, but attractive features. And something in his appearance was painfully familiar. He smiled slyly and waved his sword. I managed to react and repulsed the blow. But he wasn't going to stop and swung his sword again. A duel ensued. The ringing of metal in the narrow walls of the corridor, the swaying of the flame. And there is nowhere to go, because from your own shadow you can’t run away and hide. The dance of battle swirled and seemed to last forever...
I woke up not knowing how it all ended. But I realized that the shadow man with whom I fought is my own reflection in the black mirror of consciousness. And the main battle in the life of every person is a battle with oneself. Our biggest enemy is ourselves. Every time we make a decision, what to do, decide on something, make a choice, we enter into this duel. And in fact, this fight never stops, and its outcome will be known only at the end of the corridor, when the path ends...

At the moment, this picture is participating in two international competitions "Engage Art" and "GRAND FINAL ART2":

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