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Pisces and Scorpio_smol.jpg

Oil painting "Pisces and Scorpio"


* Painter: Iryna Bohdanova

* Original Created: 2024

* Size: 43 W x 43 H in (110 W x 110 H cm)
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas

* 2024

Shops where you can buy:

Pisces and Scorpio_smol

About The Artwork:

This picture from the "Starry Love" collection is a bright picture dedicated to love under different signs of the zodiac. The heroes of the paintings are embodied in modern fantasy images against the background of a glowing circle, symbolizing the union of two hearts. Here's what astrologers write about this couple: What happens between Pisces and Scorpio may seem unreal, it's a couple that arranges a roller coaster for each other. But both are ready to love without limits. Such a relationship will be spontaneous and sentimental at the same time. I chose a married couple as the heroes of the picture: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. The fact that they were born under these constellations, I found out by accident, reading compatibility horoscopes - they were given there as an example. They seem to me to be one of the most perfect public couples, I hope they will always be happy, and over the years their love will only grow stronger.

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