Personal exhibition "Country of Kind Hearts" 

26.11.22. Globus "Gallery", st. Zoologicheskaya, 8, Kiev

Despite the recent sad events in Ukraine, my first personal exhibition took place in my favorite gallery "Globus". I am very grateful to Oksana Boyko for the organization and positive attitude! I am grateful to Sergey Komissarov for a wonderful article! Thank you to friends and family for visiting the exhibition, and for those who have not yet come, you still have such an opportunity - the exhibition will last until December 10. Come, be charged with bright positivity - my paintings about happiness, childhood and the bright future of Ukraine!

Link to an article about the exhibition:


Collective exhibition "Art as a guarantee of Victory" 

16.09.22. "The Artist's House", Lvivska Square 1-5, Kiev

On September 16, a wonderful exhibition "Art as a guarantee of Victory" took place, "Artist's House", Kyiv. (3rd floor). Admission is free, the exhibition will last until September 24, 2022. Thank you Oleg Honcharenko for the wonderful organization! (Colours of Life NGO) At the exhibition you will be able to see my paintings: "Magic umbrella", "Winged tiger cub", and the painting of my sister Tatiana Bogdanova: "I believe". Part of the funds for the sold works will be transferred to the Armed Forces! Enjoy the beautiful art! Everything will be Ukraine! 

Charity evening exhibition "Ivan Kupala"

13.07.22. Pump House Gallery, City of London, UK

The incredible charity event Ivana Cupala 2022 in support of Ukraine took place! Infinite gratitude to the organizers and everyone involved! I am very happy and grateful that my painting "Ukrainian Hearts" took part in this wonderful exhibition!

Competition of Ukrainian creativity "Polunytsia Palyanitsa"

17.06.22. BLOCKBUSTER MALL has given its facade to host 24 selected works of art

My painting "Ukrainian Hearts" was chosen by the jury and now it is very nice to see it in this size.

Creative children and adults from all over Ukraine were involved:


• more than 800 drawings, including 192 children's and 693 adult works

• 36 selected works were placed on the facade of Blockbuster Mall

• 80 paintings are presented in the gallery of the shopping center. At present, 40 paintings are presented, the painting exhibition will be replaced every Friday.

Everything will be fine with us, everything will be fine in Ukraine!

The first International Exhibition of Paintings "Come Back Alive!"

28.05.2022. It was opened on the Day of Kyiv in the «Khlibnya» Gallery on the territory of the Sofia Kyivska National Reserve.

The vernissage, which was attended by more than 160 artists of different ages from 5 countries, was attended by more than 400 connoisseurs of modern art. The exhibition will last until June 7. After the exhibition, prints of paintings will be printed, which will go to hospitals, to the front, so that as many Ukrainian soldiers as possible can see it - the exhibition will be mobile. This exhibition is organized on a volunteer basis. Many thanks to the curators of the exhibition - Natalia Bondarenko, Anna Yarova and Sergei Komissarov.

My paintings "Super Ukraine", "Flower of Revival" and the painting of my sister Tanya Bogdanova "Free Ukraine" also take part in this wonderful exhibition.

And here is a wonderful article that journalist Sergey Komissarov wrote about me:


Collective exhibition of Ukrainian artists «Create under the bombs»

28.04.2022. In the premises of Factoría del Barco, as a tribute to the famous artist and poet, poet of the Ukrainian art of Pablo del Barco and Revilla (Pablo del Barco y Revilla).

I am very happy that my painting "Super Ukraine" also takes part in this exhibition. Many thanks to Pablo and the organizer of the exhibition: the artist, and just a wonderful person - Angelica Svirska! Video in preparation for the exhibition.

Here is what the press writes about this wonderful exhibition:


Regional television Castilla y León tells about the charity exhibition of Ukrainian artists "Create under the Bombs". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R758Mj8nw8

Іспанська програма La 8 Burgos висвітлила благодійну виставку українських митців "Творити під Бомбами"


Collective exhibition «Christmas evenings at the Globus Gallery»

24.12.2021. Globus Gallery, Kiev, Zoological, 8

The opening of the collective exhibition "Christmas evenings at the Globus Gallery" took place in the cozy Globus Gallery. 8 moss paintings take part in the exhibition. I am grateful to Oksana Boyko for this soulful magical evening! The exhibition-sale will run until January 24, 2022, admission is free.

Exhibition «IMAGINARIUM»

01.12.2021. Art Project by Irina Fedorenko within the framework of the International festival of contemporary art «Footprints» Museum of the History of Kiev, Bohdan Khmelnitsky Street, Kiev, Ukraine

On December 1, 2021, the opening of the collective exhibition «IMAGINARIUM» took place at the Museum of the History of Kiev. I am very happy to take part in it! My painting "The Thief of Hearts" is taking part in the exhibition. Also participating in the exhibition is my sister Tatyana Bogdanova with the painting «Orange Juice». During the exhibition, postcards and souvenirs with our paintings will be sold in the museum.

Exhibition "One Summer Evening ..."

26.06.2021. Globus Gallery, Kiev, Zoological, 8

I was very happy to take part in the exhibition "One Summer Evening". The exhibition includes my paintings "Cat and Sausages", "Bridge of Destiny", "Scarlet Flower", "Gentle sea". Also my sister Tatiana Bogdanova participates in this exhibition with her beautiful paintings.  Thank you very much to the Globus gallery and personally to Boyko Oksana, you made me happy! Be sure to go to the Globus Gallery to see live all the wonderful paintings presented at the exhibition! Also the 7th Art Catalog of the Globus Gallery has been released, which contains 5 of my paintings.

Exhibition "Meet Odessa"

16.06.2021. "Rakurs" Gallery, Odessa

Gallery "Rakurs" is a cozy closed gallery, which is located in the beautiful city of Odessa.
Four of my paintings took part in this exhibition: "Cat and Sausages", "Bridge of Destiny", "Scarlet Flower", "Gentle sea"